Hanes / History

1962 Beaumaris ‘Grammar’ School moves to Menai Bridge

1941 Spitfire crashes in Beaumaris

1891 Bangor Workhouse Infirmary Institution established – later to become St. David’s Hospital, Caernarfon Road, Bangor

1832 cholera widespread in North Wales

1631 the village of Baltimore in County Cork was attacked by Algerian pirates from Barbary Coast. The pirates captured almost the whole population of over 100 people, who were put in irons and taken to a life of slavery in North Africa. Baltimore is approximately 300 miles from Menai Bridge.

1603 Beaumaris Grammar School established

1480s Tudor Rose built in Beaumaris (parts may be of an earlier date)

1485 Henry Tudor ascends the English throne.

1295-8 Building of Beaumaris Castle.

1282-3 Second War of Welsh Independence.

1276-7 First War of Welsh Independence.

1199-1240 Gwynedd ruled by Llywelyn the Great.

June/July 1098 The Battle of Anglesey Sound was fought on the Menai Strait (“Anglesey Sound. The battle was fought between Magnus Barefoot, King of Norway, and the Anglo-Norman earls Hugh of Montgomery  and Hugh d’Avranches, and took place as part of Magnus Barefoot’s expedition into the Irish Sea, which sought to assert Norwegian rule over the Kingdom of the Isles.

Only a few days after the Normans had captured Anglesey from the Welsh, Magnus Barefoot appeared with some ships off the coast. Fighting soon began with arrows shot between the Norwegian ships and Norman forces on the shore, but as Hugh of Montgomery was hit with an arrow and killed, the Normans retreated back to England. The defeat of the Normans allowed for the return of the exiled Gruffudd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, who thereby regained control of his former lands.

A.D. 844 First recorded Danish raid on Anglesey.

c. A.D. 540 St. Seiriol founds a monastery at Penmon.

c. A.D. 500 Cadwallon defeats Irish at Cerryg y Gwyddyl.

c. A.D. 385 Segontium finally abandoned.

c. A.D. 80 Roman Fort built at Segontium

A.D. 61 Roman Invasion of Anglesey.