AGM 2020 – draft details

The AGM will be held on xxxxxxxxx at 11.00 a.m. As it is difficult to hold face-to-face meetings we will follow UK Government guidance and legislation, taking advantage of the provision to use digital solutions. Full details are given in your AGM Pack. To participate you should book a place by giving your name, address and email address and RSVP this form. You will be sent an email with details of how to log on to or telephone in to the Meeting.

If you are unable to participate on xxxxxx you may complete a PROXY VOTE FORM. Complete the full proxy form in your AGM Pack and send it to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx at the latest OR complete the Proxy Vote below if you are happy to support and agree to all items on the Agenda.

Again in accordance with the latest legistlation members will not have the right to attend a meeting in person or participate in a meeting other than to vote. If you have any questions about the Annual Report and Accounts please enter them in the space below as soon as possible. Questions and replies will be published on our Website.