The Society has produced a number of supplements to the Newsletter, entitled “Memories of Menai Bridge”. These record some of the notable recollections of our members, residents and visitors past and present about our Town and District. They offer an intriguing insight into how the Town developed and ordinary life many years ago.

Memories Volume 18
V.E. Day

Memories Volume 16
Dame Margaret Lloyd George

Memories Volume 15  Cymraeg
Helen Rowlands (Helen o Fôn) 1891-1955

Memories Volume 14 (September 2018)
Helen Rowlands (Helen o Fôn) 1891-1955
Sources of Information

Memories Volume 12 (September 2017)
Menai Bridge Tigers

Memories Volume 11 (April 2017)
Menai Bridge Railway Station

Memories Volume 9 (January 2016)
Rowland Williams & Sons, Wheelwrights & Builders, Funeral Undertakers

Memories Volume 8 (April 2015)
Menai Bridge (Men’s) Institute 1905-1921,
Menai Bridge War Memorial Club 1922-

Memories Volume 7 (Jan 2015)
Memories of Pre-war holidays in Menai Bridge by Bridget M. Gledhill.

Memories Volume 6 (Jan 2014)
40th Anniversary Celebrations and Archive

Memories Volume 5 (May 2013)

Memories Volume 4 (Jan 2013)
Memories from Mair Jones, 12 Rhyd Menai, Menai Bridge.

Memories Volume 3 (Aug 2012)
Memories of Menai Bridge by Rita Smith

Memories Volume 2 (April 2012)
Memories of Menai Bridge by Roland Williams.

Newsletter Volume 1 (Jan 2011)
Memories of Menai Bridge by Roland Williams.