Moreia Chapel

What is happening to the Moreia Chapel? Such a shame for the building and the Town. When will something happen to improve this eye sore? Work on other derelict buildings in the Town seems to be happening at last; so why not the Chapel?

Cei Llechi developments

Harbour Master’s Office and new development along the harbour in Caernarfon. Just shows the impact innovative development can have.

Cei Llechi

Great talk by Pat Jones on 19th October 2021 – by Zoom and in the War Memorial Community Centre, Menai Bridge – about the development of the museum, shops, etc. at Cei Llechi, Caernarfon. Look forward to visiting.

Cyfarfodydd Zoom Meetings

15th June 2021 2.30 p.m. A convergence of Creativity: when R S Thomas priest and poet met the artist M E Eldridge, they captured north Wales in poetry and paintings. An illustrated talk by Susan Fogarty.

Cyfarfodydd Zoom Meetings

16 Chwefror 2021 ” Adeiladu ac ailadeladu Pont Grog Menai ” Warren Kovach  16th February 2021  “The Building and Rebuilding of the Menai Suspension Bridge” Warren Kovach 

Cyfardodydd Zoom Meetings

19 Ionawr 2021    Tro o amgylch cerrig beddi Sant Tysilio gyda Chymdeithasau Milwrol.    Taith gerdded rithiol o amgylch Ynys Tysilio gyda Bridget Geoghegan. 19th January 2021  A walk round the St Tysilio headstones with Military Associations.    A virtual walk round Church Island  with Bridget Geoghegan.

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